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As my clients would vouch for, continuity of care is very important to me, so I only offer the full package.

I support clients from Greater Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

I look at a range of things – whether there are any risk factors or pre-existing medical conditions, exploring if they have the right mindset, & determining if they are fit & healthy with good nutrition (or are committed to making the recommended changes).

As early as 4 weeks! I recommend that the first antenatal appointment takes place between 4-10 weeks.

Most clients transfer their care to me by 20 weeks, generally when they have decided that other care & birthing options are not right for them.

I normally do not take on a client after 30 weeks as I do not like to fast-track the relationship & appointments, but exceptions can be made under special circumstances.

Passionate about navigating a natural birth, I keep everything normal & natural. If something deviates from this, we’ll have a discussion about what to do next.

I will always explain your options & provide you with alternatives, but in a true emergency, know that I will always do what you & your baby need me to do.

A second midwife will be in attendance at the birth, who you will meet at your 36-week appointment.

I carry medications, herbal tinctures & homeopathics as well as an oxygen tank, neopuff, suction, resuscitation kits & all drugs used in a hospital for situations such as a postpartum haemorrhage (PPH).

Please be assured that this is rare, but I know that it is a common concern for those considering a home birth. I am passionate about education & being upfront about what happens to ease my clients’ minds that they are in good hands.

You are required to register with your local hospital so that you are in their system – just in case we need to transfer. I am all about keeping you and your baby safe.

Provided you are fit & healthy with no risk factors, anytime between 37-42 weeks is suitable for a home birth.

If you have reached 42 weeks, this will need to be reviewed case-by-case. At a hospital consultation with an obstetrician, they will assess you & talk you through the risk factors.

Occasionally, some women go into labour prior to 37 weeks. Preterm labour & birth requires hospital transfer.

Majority of my clients choose to partner with me on this journey as they wish to have a home birth.

If you would like to birth in a hospital or birth centre, I can still undertake my private midwifery package with you, however I will need to attend as your support person rather than your midwife (due to hospital regulations).

I will be your advocate & ensure that you & your baby are well looked after.

I work with a maximum of four women per month.

This is rare, however due to the nature of birth (& other personal life emergencies that may arise) I will always have a backup plan in place.

If I am unable to be at your birth, the second midwife (who you meet at 36 weeks) becomes your primary midwife & I will (hopefully) become your second midwife. Otherwise, we will engage a replacement second midwife.

We have a large private midwife community across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.

When you engage me, I am hired to be your everything. I will be your clinical midwife, your friend, your advocate, your counsellor, your nutritionist & anything else that you may need.

Whether you engage a private obstetrician or a private midwife, there is always a higher cost for the benefit of having a continuum of care.

I am a specialist in normal natural physiological childbirth, I have completed post-graduate studies, I carry all stock on me, you can call on me throughout our relationship, & I am on call for your whole “term” window.

I have over 15 years of experience as a midwife (including being a student midwife) & 25 years of experience as a holistic practitioner.

I have worked as a registered, clinical & endorsed private practice midwife, in both the public & private sectors, with extensive experience across birth suite, private practice, antenatal clinic & ward, postnatal wards, special care nurseries, midwifery group practice & home care services. As an endorsed private practice midwife, I have also worked at two well-known private midwifery & obstetric practices in Brisbane.

I completed my Bachelor of Midwifery at Australian Catholic University in 2010 & completed post-graduate studies to become an endorsed midwife in 2015 at Griffith University.

I also hold qualifications as a bodywork/massage therapist as well as in counselling, HypnoBirthing, Spinning Babies, nutrition, herbal & natural medicine, aromatherapy… to name just a few.

Where to begin?! I have big plans to expand my online education & product offerings, I dream of having an integrated midwifery team around me, & (at some point) I’d love to experience working in a freestanding birth centre.

One step at a time!

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