Reusable Cooling Perineum Compression Pad


Soothe pelvic discomfort, perineal swelling and other aches and pains associated with childbirth with Haakaa’s Cooling Perineum Pad. This pad is designed for women who have delivered vaginally or who are experiencing discomfort as a result of childbirth.


This compression pad is designed to be chilled or frozen to help relieve tenderness and pain. The pad fits inside the soft cotton sleeve, which provides a protective layer between the pad and your skin, and clips over your underwear for a secure fit. Haakaa have provided two of these sleeves so that you can swap them out regularly, if you find you have heavy leakage. Additionally, this set comes with five non-woven fabric covers for the fridge or freezer, which helps to create a hygienic barrier between the pad and the rest of the items in your cold storage.


  • 1 x Cooling Perineum Compression Pad
  • 2 x Cotton Sleeves
  • 5 x Non-woven Fabric Covers
  • 1 x Portable Storage Bag (Bluestone)


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