Reusable Breastfeeding Pad Set


There’s no need to worry about awkward milk stains with Haakaa’s All-Day Reusable Nursing Pad Set! Made with wonderfully soft bamboo and super absorbent microfibre, their reusable nursing pads are comfortable to wear while catching every drop of your leakage. They’re designed in a cone shape that’s contoured to your breast-meaning no bulges or lumps underneath your clothes! Simply pop in the wash again to reuse.


The All-Day Reusable Nursing Pad set can be used during the day to help you step out in confidence, or overnight to keep you comfy and dry as you sleep. Haakaa’s handy pack keeps you covered 24/7, absorbing milk leakages anytime, any place!

Each set comes with a washing bag.
Dimensions: 12cm diameter * 3 layers

  • 4*Reusable Nursing Pads-White
  • 4*Reusable Nursing Pads-Grey


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